Online sales and electronic commerce - eKommerce


The e-Kommerce Web portal is an online sales order module fully integrated with the UniKommerce system. It allows your customers to :

 - Access the items catalogue (including special prices and promos);

 - To load, edit and save online shopping carts;

 - To consult promos and special prices;

 - To complete and confirm web sales orders;

 - To consult their orders history at any time;

Although it is deployed on a separate database, e-Kommerce is synchronized with Unikommerce's items catalog, resources, promos as well as customers’ sales orders, allowing it to be deployed and maintained with a minimal configuration effort.

When customers’ orders are coming from the Web, all you’ve got to do is to validate and release them so they then become part of the regular UniKommerce order process.



    • Online Catalog
    • Online Promotion
    • Item search engine
    • Shopping Cart
    • Orders History
    • Confirmation of Orders
    • Orders Preparation