Accounting & Financial Management System for SMEs

Our accounting modules, fully integrated with the main UniKommerce management software package, are complete, flexible and easy to use.

Easy Research Throughout Your SME's Accounting Operation History

Its integration with the operational system allows you to dig down in a few clicks the transactions from the General Ledger up to the operational sources (accounts receivable and payable, shipping, receiving, sales and purchase orders).

A Software for Automatic Financial Operations

Transfers are done automatically and you no longer need to re-enter information between systems.



  • Accounts receivable
  • Receipts & Advances
  • Deposit batches
  • A/R aging
  • A/R statement of accounts
  • A/R detailed listings
  • Deposit slips
  • Accounts payable
  • Disbursments & Advances
  • A/P aging
  • A/P statement of accounts
  • A/P detailed listings
  • Electronic transfers of funds
  • Auxiliary journals
  • G/L entries
  • Accounting chart
  • Budgets
  • Trial Balance
  • G/L analysis
  • Financial,Income statement and Balance sheet
  • Summary journals
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Sales Taxes Report