After evaluating several alternatives to our inventory management software and point of sale, we chose UniKommerce for its flexibility and its ability to evolve and follow the growth of our business.

The power of a computer software is not limited to its existing features during acquisition, the possibilities to be considered is the adaptation of the software to the context of the company, the commitment of the team and the given technical support in order to provide us with full satisfaction.

It is this adventure that we live since the beginning of the implementation of UniKommerce at Matelas Bonheur and our store network.

As one Maxime says it so well, "It is often in the smallest jars that we find the best ointments."


Director of finances

Matelas Bonheur


The implementation of your software UniKommerce is now complete, I wanted to congratulate you and thank you on behalf of the Papeterie l’Écologic team. You have demonstrated patience and determination. I personally believe that the success of a business is based on listening to its customers, and that's what the team at S.I Unik made throughout the implementation of UniKommerce. Again thank you!             

D. Dupont
Director of operations
Papéterie L'écologic


We have been using the UniKommerce software since 2007 and have greatly appreciated the stability and flexibility of the system.  It has grown with our needs and the strong support team has helped us to gain success as business partners together. Congratulations on excellent team work!

S. Nazarene
PROVAN Control Associates Inc.



Since its operation, we took the time to greatly appreciate  the smooth functioning of UniKommerce. It's flexible, reliable and responsive in making decisions. The possibilities are numerous and the use of our computer resources are optimal.
We also want to express our appreciation for your support and thank you for the efforts that your team is making to meet our demands I have no hesitation to highly recommend UniKommerce.

A. Parent
Director of operations
Mediclub Dentail/Dentaire

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