Web services for Québec’s bailiffs firms  - JuriWeb

Juriweb is the complementary web portal of Jurisoft for Québec's bailiffs firms. 

Juriweb consists of two components :

Client Access.

This is a service that is given to customer of bailiffs firms through their website to allow their customers to search, view and print reports of procedures that have been performed by bailiffs.

Customers can also quickly submit via the Web service, requests which are then automatically imported into Jurisoft to create records and procedures.

This feature has a major advantage over the use of phone, email or fax, and other conventional means of communication.

The modules available for customers are :

  • Search and view reports of Bailiffs 
  • Search and view invoices
  • Submit service requests

Bailiff Access

Bailiffs may complete reports on the web with their tablets (eg iPad, android tablets ...), make delivery attempts by adding a note and adjust the real or suggested Kilometers.

The modules for bailiffs are :

  • Completing reports
  • Signing of reports