An easy to use solution allowing to locate and manage assets (and consumables) using barcode labels.

Features that allow any type of organization to manage their inventory, location, moving and tracking of its assets in a snap.

The use of barcode labels simplifies greatly the job. By a simple scan of a label installed on or aside a local door, you may list the content of that local without even getting in.

The use RF-ID labels may be integrated to the system and allows to follow-up movements and keep things up to date without even walking around.

User in public and para-public organisations



    • Items catalog
    • Purchasing and receiving items
    • Assigning items to locations
    • Assigning items to individuals
    • Inventory of traceable items
    • Inventory of consumable items
    • Grouping of items (kits)
    • Minimum quantity alert
    • Identification by budget authority
    • Traceability with barcode labels
    • To move inventory in batch
    • Trace the movements of items
    • Bulk Transfer between locations
    • History of item movements
    • Inventory release with motives
    • Identification with barcodes
    • Distribution by buildings
    • Distribution by floors
    • Distribution by locals
    • Tracking of goods by local
    • Tracking of goods by floor
    • Tracking of goods by building
    • Tracking of goods by assigned to people
    • Tracking of goods by cross-referencing
    • Tracking of goods in a local by barcodes
    • Advanced location reports
    • Batch label printing
    • Exporting Data
    • E-mail sending