Punch clock and production data collection - Unikollect

UniKollect complements well UniKommerce by providing a simple and easy to use module with great time saving regarding online data collection.

Module has two parts :

1- Punch clock, allowing employees to punch in and out (identification with barcode, employee card, etc.) for eventual time sheet validation.

2- Production floor data collector allowing to enter worksheet related information (per operation and operator on the production floor).

In both cases, data is collected and compiled in UniKommerce’s main system in order to validate all collected data coming from various workstations.

Time sheet validation is required for employees’ payroll generation while data collected for production purposes will help to compile and close either operations and runs as well as production costs.



    • Punch clock (Time in / time out entry))
    • Production data collection
    • Raw material consumption
    • Operation duration entry
    • Loss entry
    • Finished goods entry
    • Batch Nos entry