Distribution & Inventory Management Software for SMEs

This comprehensive management software is really affordable and requires minimal effort to implement.

Basic Management Software Functionalities

UniKommerce base software package includes distribution management for SMEs (resources, catalogue, inventory, orders, receiving, shipping, etc.), fully integrated with the accounting modules.

A Software Solution Adapted to Your SME

You may start with the base system and activate more modules and functions according to your needs and your organization’s evolution.



  • Resources (Customers,suppliers, employees, etc.)
  • Catalogue
  • Stock inventories
  • Manual transactions
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Physical inventory
  • Barcodes
  • Price/cost batch update
  • Items catalogue import
  • Bin/location management
  • Units of measure (Sale-Purchase conversion)
  • Alternate and complementary items
  • Costs per supplier
  • Sales and shippings
  • Purchases and receivings
  • Stack pick-up management
  • Back order management
  • Multiple acquisition modes
  • - Drop ship
  • - Drop ship and invoice
  • - Unitary in transit
  • - Stock/consolidated
  • Credit management
  • Multi company
  • Multi warehouse
  • Multi bin/location
  • Multi currency