Point de vente

Point of sales - UniKPOS

    UnikPOS completes Unikommerce for in branch fast ordering process.


    The system uses UniKommerce’s informations allowing to deploy UnikPOS with a minimal configuration effort. An UnikPOS workstation may be used by many representatives during a single session.

    Orders initiated by UnikPOS are processed on a real-time base by the UniKommerce central system, allowing for the full control of quantities in stock and to get other branches stock as well.

    The whole shipping process is supported by a rich and well advanced features that cover the full range of delivery logistic requirements.



    • Retrieve, add and edit customers’ profile
    • Multicriteria item search
    • Qty check in the central stock inventory
    • Qty check in the local branch stock inventory
    • Qty check in the other branches stock inventory
    • Sales stats per branch
    • Representatives’ commissions
    • Cashier report
    • Fast order entry
    • Histor of orders
    • Optional postal code validation
    • Integrated to Delivery zones and schedules
    • Confirmation function for transfers between warehouses/branches